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reinCARnation 🚗

A Ford Focus in Blackpool, a Vauxhall Astra in Stockport and a Vauxhall Vectra in Salford – just some of the vehicle callouts we have collected today.

These motors may have issues from not running anymore to knackered gearboxes. But that doesn’t mean other parts of these vehicles aren’t still in great working order. Those parts can go on and breathe new life in another car.

The Scrappers like to call it reinCARnation, when second hand car parts go on and live in other vehicles. 

It truly is recycling at it’s best and why scrapping your end of life car has never been such a greener act. ♻︎

Scrap mountain ❤️  ♻︎

Parts that can be salvaged from vehicles picked up by The Scrappers collection agents and taken to our Bolton breakers yard are cleaned up. They become quality used car parts. Used