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Sell my car for cash today


LONG gone are the days of all the rigmarole of selling a car.

Calling up the local paper and writing a little blurb on the vehicle you want to sell is a task itself.  You also have to take pics of the motor and then paying a hefty sum to place your ad.

Yep it was a lot of hassle back then..

Still, today, a lot of folk have to jump through quite a few hoops to sell a car.

They might be thinking, “how do I sell my car [...]

No you’ve not accidentally landed on a dating site – this is The Scrappers blog site and we want to hook up with something far more desirable – COPPER.

Copper is getting us hot under the collar at the moment so we need more of it and in return we will pay the best price for it!

Copper is hot to trot right now, demand is high so if you have copper to sell please get in touch and get paid the best price going!

We need copper wiring and car wiring loom and did we mention we pay the best prices for it!

blank Cop a load of this copper!

Current demand has sky-rocketed, so we urgently need all grades of copper wire to feed this surge in copper appetite!

If you’ve got copper you’ve been wanting to sell for the best going prices around, just