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Easy ways to sell a car

As you’re probably aware, The Scrappers buy any make or model vehicle in any condition.

They also offer customers extremely reasonably priced used car parts and they also have vehicles to sell.

It’s got legs! 😱

These days some motorists choose to lease their car rather than buy it.

So today we thought we’d look at the pros and cons  of each. So if you are thinking of getting a new car, but you’re not sure whether leasing or buying suits you best.. perhaps our guide can steer you in the right direction.

Keeping the down payment as low as possible – lease if you want to pay as little as possible when it comes to paying upfront.

But if you buy, you could pay more upfront and reduce your monthly payments.

To be able to lease a

Local scrap yard


People are gradually starting to return to work as lockdown has loosened.

That means an increase in traffic as motorists get used to being back behind the wheel again.

Being back in the driving seat might feel a little foreign if you’ve been working from home for the past few months or have been furloughed during the past few weeks.  

“It’s normal to feel a bit rusty if you’ve not driven in a while,” says The Scrappers boss Terry Walker. The Scrappers are Britains best scrap yard in Bolton and serving the nation.

“It’s just a case of getting your confidence back, being safe and being thoughtful to other motorists too,” he added.

If you’re about to get back on the road, here’s a few safety tips from everyones local scrap yard to ensure a sense of security while back in the driving seat.

Slow down

Rushing won’t get

Nearest Scrap Yard To Me

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What’s bugging motorists..

Warmer weather brings out the best in folk, and it also brings out a few more visitors – and we’re not talking social distancing rebels – we mean green flies or aphids as they’re also known. 

And while this is a normal part of nature this time of year it can mean the extra bug splat on your vehicle when you drive and even when it’s parked up.

Bugs like green flies tend to leave a very sticky residue on your paintwork which can be a struggle to remove without damaging paintwork at times.

But there are quite a few ways to prevent the build up of sticky bug sap in the first place. 

After washing your car, apply a wax, this waxy sheen will make it harder for bugs to stick around.

If you do find an onslaught of bug residue, clean your car with a specialised bug spray remover

How to get best price for my scrap car

Get ££££££ for scrap car


Best Price For My Scrap Car NOT YOUR BOG STANDARD ROAD TRIP   Who needs a service station stop-off, when motorists can have a toilet drop-off in the comfort of their car! Never mind poop bags for your dog, humans can also enjoy the convenience of their very own toilet bags that even solidify waste so all toilet business can be conducted in your vehicle. Just look at The Go Anywhere Toilet Kit!! It includes a waste disposal bag which is pre-loaded with Magic Poo Powder, a special gelling and deodorising agent that turns waste into a gel and neutralises any bad smell. The kit also comes with toilet paper, hand sanitiser and an outer zip disposal bag to avoid any unwanted leaks. The Magic powder they provide is NASA formulated and apparently deals with the waste directly, helping to “deodorise and break down pee and poop.” And their Magic Poo Powder turns the [...]