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How do I get the most money for my car?


Winter is fast approaching, and we’re not too sure what kind of Christmas we will have this year.

It’s looking like a very quiet one thanks to Covid-19 and all the restrictions it brings.

The office Christmas party, is more than likely to be held on Zoom – if at all! It all begs the question; should we just cancel Christmas this year!

Trying not to sound like The Grinch, Christmas might not be as flashy as it usually is, but as long as there is love and hope – then we stand a chance.

Christmas can be a very expensive time, and we are all trying to save money where we can in these uncertain circumstances.

At least when it comes to motoring expenses know this: Britain’s best loved car salvage yard The Scrappers will help you save money in every way they can.

You’ll be thinking, “Golly gosh, I got top dosh