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How do I scrap my car?

Quality Part Worn Tyres
Quality Part Worn Tyres

Tread Carefully

We’re recently revamped our tyre service.

Our main tyre guru Coxy has been hard at it, making way for a new amazing tyre shop called All Tyred Up! 

The wheels are in motion, as it were!

Tyre-ing work!

The Scrappers have been providing quality part worn tyres for years, with thousands of happy customers.

Brand new tyres can be an expensive affair. Whereas quality part worn tyres in Bolton and nationwide can be a lot cheaper.  Yet you’re still getting incredible value and excellence. 

We are also experts in checking wheel balance, tyre pressure and whether the current tyres you have are safe or not.

So if you have any questions, doubts or concerns in the tyre arena, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re not just about the rubber aspect too, we also have hundreds and hundred of alloys