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Is there a 24/7 car scrap dealer near me?

Who will collect my scrap car at night near me?

If you’re a night owl, guess what…so are The Scrappers.

Well our vehicle collection drivers certainly are anyway! 

That means we can come out and collect your car, van, truck, bike or whatever during the night at a time that suits you. 

The Scrappers don’t operate on a 9-to-5 basis we are basically here for when you need us. So if you’ve decided to scrap a car today but it can’t be collected until the evening don’t worry we’ve got you. If you’ve been wondering, “is there a 24/7 car scrap dealer near me?” the answer is “yes”.

What’s more is you won’t get charged for the service.

The Scrappers offer a free car take back, meaning we will collect any car for free no matter where in the north-west you are based. 

Our headquarters may be situated in Bolton but we cover the whole north-west region. And we buy any car, any make,