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Let’s not beat about the bush, January is a long dreary month – even when life is ‘normal’.

Thirty-one days of the same old, same old. The majority of us are skint from the aftermath of Christmas and there isn’t a great deal to look forward to.

So we, The Scrappers, have decided to scrap January and rename it VANuary!

And VANuary is a top notch month to enjoy  because we want to buy your van – either for scrap or as a sell-on.

If you have a van that’s a runner and you want to sell a van quickly in Bolton or further afield, look no further afield! Come to The Scrappers. 

The Scrappers always pay the best payouts going for vans, so if you’re thinking “I want to scrap my van Bolton,” or “where can I sell my van Bolton”, or “where