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Flood Damaged Cars Cumbria With the backlash of Storm Desmond, Cumbria has been battered by floods. Homes and property, including cars have been severely flood damaged, and it’s going to cost the people of Cumbria and the insurance companies thousands to get everything back to normal. However, just when Cumbria thought they’d seen the worst of it, more rain and gale force winds are expected over the coming week. Although we can help you with your flood damaged property, we can buy your flood damaged cars. As the North West’s leading salvage car buyer, we have been offering the best deals when people have called us to sell a flood damaged car in Cumbria. We are looking for later models, preferably vehicles from 2005 or later, which we can buy for the best prices. Sell My Flooded Car The Scrappers are the best around to sell my flooded car, as we don’t only take into consideration the weight of the car, if it’s a late model. We are an exporter of cars and parts, which means that although some parts of your motor may be irreparable, the rest could be in a perfect condition, which we can sell on. Maybe the flood damage isn’t that bad and a few spare parts is all you need to get back on the road. Well we can help you out the [...]