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Where can I buy Audi parts?

Where Is Nearest Audi Breakers Yard?

You can always tell when we’ve had wet weather. 

Generally we pick up more write-offs, just because motorists are more prone to get into road traffic accidents when the weather’s wet again after a dry spell.

In fact the very changeable and temperamental British weather often affects how our cars respond.

The Scrappers boss Terry Walker explains:

“When the weather changes is when you see cars go wrong,” he said.

“For instance if the weather goes hot you get cars overheating so you get them coming in with head gasket trouble, water trouble, radiator leaks and things like that.”

In winter months, it’s even worse.

Wet weather has caused a few collisions

“When it goes frosty we get customers coming in for wiper motors. They just press the motor without defrosting first so the motors in the door or the front or back motor wipers


It’ll come as no shock, the rear-end well and truly fell out of the car sales industry with new purchases down by nearly 90 per cent compared to May last year. blank

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show a mere 20,247 vehicles were registered in May 2020 and that was mainly after ‘click and collect’ services were introduced during the middle of the month.

Crazy to think though, this time last year there were 163,477 more car registrations and 

last month was the lowest in car sales since May 1952! That’s 68 years ago!

Now that car showrooms have reopened with new social distancing measures in place, there’s hope the market will pick back up again soon.

But for some motorists, it’ll mean keeping hold [...]