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Scrap Yard In Bolton

Best Price For A Scrap Car


No doubt 2020 has been a crazy crazy year and as a result most of us will be on a staycation this summer instead of heading overseas.

But that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing and come rain or shine maybe now’s the time to appreciate the things we have closer to home.

Greater Manchester has so much going for it, and that not just for those thinking it’s the best place to scrap my car.

While Greater Manchester is steeped in industrial history and accomplishment and home to Britain’s best breakers yard, it’s also a picturesque part of our great nation and one that can be explored on foot.

Walking is fun, healthy and light on the pocket too – just the sort thing we need in the current climate with much uncertainty in the air. 

There are so many great walks and if you stick to the social distancing rule,