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Things feel like they’re picking up pace again at Britain’s best-known breakers yard, The Scrappers.

It’s finally starting to feel like we are getting back to normal since the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s because we’ve seen a super surge in online sales since the pandemic struck

and understandably so.

Like every business during the thick of it we had to make adjustments, limiting yard operations while also understanding people need to stay on the road. 

And to keep people on the road, they’re going to need affordable replacement car parts. 

If you’re looking for used car parts online, check out our online car parts store. 

We are a 24/7 online operation which enables you to go on to our website whenever you want and order the part you need which will usually be delivered the next day.

If you do fancy a trip out to our Breakers Yard in Bolton, we are operating social

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Picture the scene; a small town in Germany, New Year’s Eve and the year 1880 is ten minutes away… 

Bertha Benz, wife of Karl turns to her husband and says, “Let’s go over to the workshop and try our luck once more.”

The couple walk over to the little engine Karl has been building for the past few weeks.

He grabs the cranking handle, gives it a turn with his heart in his mouth.

“The engine started to go put-put-put and the music of the future sounded with regular rhythm,” recalled Karl Benz, creator of the first practical automobile. History was made.

“We both listened to it for a full hour, never tiring of the single note of its song,” he said.

“The two-cycle engine performed as no magic flute in the world ever had…for we knew the greatest kind of