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Scrap My Car Swansea

Scrap A Car Swansea

If you have any old scrap cars Swansea, why not get in touch with our team. For over 20 years we have been at the very forefront of the scrapping industry, so you can be sure that you are getting the best prices. Every day our team diligently checks the prices of metal so that we can offer, every single customer that comes to us for a quick quotation, the best prices on their scrap cars Swansea. Whatever the make or model of your car, we will take it off your hands. It doesn’t even matter to us if it starts or drives, as each of our wagons has the capacity to winch a vehicle onto its back.

We pride ourselves on having the best scrapping service in the UK, and with over 20 years we have really honed our skills. We make sure that not only are you happy with the price, but you are also happy with the service we provide. This includes free collection if you scrap a car Swansea. We will never charge to come and pick your car up, and while we are there we will pay you with a cheque. It is now illegal to pay cash for scrap cars, due the the incline in metal fraud. Therefore we find that a cheque is traceable, and therefore legal, but our customer still enjoy the money to be handed over to them on collection. What’s more we will always sort out all the DVLA paperwork for you and there are never any hidden charges. So if you want to scrap a car Swansea today and get the best deal, give us a call.


Recycle Scrap Cars Swansea

We will never just throw your old scrap cars Swansea on the scrap heap. We make sure that up to 90% of every car that passes through our gates is recycled. This means that it is first put through the process of depollution. All the chemicals and fluids that could pollute the environment are filtered and disposed of in the safest possible way. We then strip the car of all its parts, meaning that if the parts we strip are in a good working order, they can be sold on. Finally, the car is baled. Meaning that it is crushed into a cube of metal, and this metal can be used instead of mining for  new metal. Thus saving the earth’s natural sources. So if you scrap a car Swansea today, you’re doing your bit for the environment.


Used Car Parts

If you’re not quite ready to scrap a car Swansea. We have thousands of used car parts, as one of the UK’s leading late model breakers. Whether you need an engine or a gearbox, or any parts for your car, we will more than likely have it in stock. We have parts for all makes and models, whether you have scrap cars Swansea or scrap vans, why not get in touch with the team. If you order your part before 3pm, we can dispatch it the same day, what could be better than a fantastic, speedy service.

Call our team on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form to scrap a car Swansea today.