Subaru Breakers

The Scrappers is one of the biggest and best Subaru breakers in the industry. We look after the best Japanese cars and fix them up to the standard they once were.

Subaru’s are very cool cars but they can also be expensive to run. We are ready and waiting for your call and we have some great used Subaru parts that would be a perfect replacement for any broken mechanisms that you may have on your car. Don’t write your car off just for a couple of problems, we will help you sort them out with a replacement from one of our very own scrap Subaru.

Subaru are a Japanese company who adopt a very green, environmentally friendly stance. They refuse to send any of their scrap cars to landfill, instead reusing all the parts. We are doing our bit for the environment by recycling any used Subaru parts that we get given by restoring it and then selling them on to new owners.

Even if your car has failed an MOT and you need a rare replacement part, get The Scrappers to look in our famous scrap yard and we will see if we have the parts that you desire. We are packed full of a variety of different cars and parts, including great quality scrap Subaru parts. The quality of our used parts is the highest in the industry with the price one of the cheapest. We are one of the UK’s most experienced Subaru breakers and we have been in business for twenty five years

So, give The Scrappers a call today and let us help with any new parts you need for your Subaru. We are the place to come if you want a high quality vehicle parts delivered at a fair price.

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