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Storm Damaged Cars Bolton

Scrap My Storm Damaged Car

Last night, the North West was battered by gale force wind and battering rain, if you have a storm damaged cars Bolton, why not get in touch with The Scrappers today? We will take any car off you hands, no matter the age, make, model or damage impact. Choosing to scrap my storm damaged car is probably the best way to get rid of your car but still make some great money. In the news there have been reports of buildings collapsing on cars, lamp posts blowing over in to the roads and causing damage, even car doors blowing off!

Scrap A Damaged Car

In the aftermath of what some are calling ‘wild Wednesday’, there is a clean up in the North West. Scrap a damaged car today and reap the benefits. We will come and collect your car for free, even if the damage is so intense that it will not start. Both wind and rain can cause serious damage within the engine and to the body of your car, and whatever it is, we will buy it off you. We always pay the best prices for your storm damaged cars Bolton, so why not give us a call? We want to help Bolton get back on its feet after wild Wednesday!

Wild Wednesday

When you choose to scrap a damaged car with The Scrappers, we not only collect it for free, but we will deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you, so that all you have to do is worry about getting back on your feet after the storm. Give us a call today on 01204 388 488, and speak to one of our friendly and professional team.

storm damaged cars Bolton