St Jude storm causing you car problems?

Has the St Jude storm caused severe damage to your car? Has heavy winds, flood water or falling trees broken the engine or body work of your car? Is your car not starting? If your car is damaged beyond repair, why not scrap your car today.

This unsuspected storm has battered the south of England and Wales and the bad news is, the end is nowhere in sight. Winds reached 99MPH in the worst cases last night and the heavy rain caused sea waters to rise and savage the coast.

In the news this morning, images of wrecked houses and turned over vehicles horrified the country. The South of England and Wales has come to a standstill. But we have a way we can help you. Why don’t you scrap your car South West or South East.
The Scrappers is based in the North West and you may be thinking, ‘why don’t i scrap my car locally?’ Well, we have agents in every city and major town so we can get to you, wherever you may be.  Prices vary throughout the country but the agent we send to you is sure to give you the best possible price.

If you live in Truro, Plymouth, Taunton, Bath, Bristol, Southampton, Bournemouth, Gloucester, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Swindon or any of the surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call.

Scrapping a car with us is easy. Once you have got in touch with us on 01204 388488, we will arrange for someone to pick your scrap car up from wherever you choose. And what’s more, it’s free collection!

We believe these postcode areas to be the areas most affected in the South West by the St Jude storm.


We buy scrap cars in whatever condition we find them, so if you think your car is no longer of any use to you because of the St Jude storm get in touch.

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