Sell Your Scrap Copper Cable

Sell Your Copper Cablescrap copper cable

Sell your copper cable today, to The Scrappers. We buy all kinds of copper cable and wire and can pay you the very best prices. Copper has been used for electrical wire for nearly two centuries, and therefore a lot of copper is mined every year. However, did you know, that here at The Scrappers, we recycle all the copper wire that you sell to us.

When you sell your copper cable to us, we will in the first instance weight it on our weigh bridge. And if there is a large or heavy amount when you sell your copper cable, we can even come and collect it from you.

Best Prices Paid For Scrap Copper Cablesell your copper cable

Copper cable is a non-ferrous metal, and we buy most non-ferrous metals. What’s more you can be sure that we always comply with the law. There has recently been an increase in the sale of scrap metal illegally; however, we will always make sure that you know exactly what we’ll be doing when you sell your copper cable. We recycle all the metals that are sold to us are sold on to professional companies.

Your Choice Of Payment

There is a range of ways in which we can pay you for your scrap copper cable, including cheque and BACs. And as soon as the weight has been verified, we can pay you in full. It is now illegal to pay for scrap metal with cash, so we have found that these alternative payment methods are preferred by our customers.
So if you have any scrap copper cable why not get in touch today?


Although we price the copper by tonne, we will take any amount, when you sell your copper cable. You can be paid the very same day, so why not give us a call?
For any more information why not email us at or you can always give us a call on 01204 388 488 to sell your scrap copper cable today

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