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Sell My Van For Scrap

Best price to scrap a van


Did you know there’s a bunch of phobias related to driving and being a passenger?

Experts reckon one in ten of us will be affected by a phobia at some point in their life. 

And if it is car related it can be a right pain if you need to drive for work.

Phobias are when the body reacts and goes into flight or fight mode when there isn’t any reason to – it all comes from fear.

Motorphobia – is the fear of motor vehicles in general. The idea of cars can give someone a fright, even if they’re not near a car.

Needless to say, no one at our scrap yard in Bolton suffers from motorphobia or we’d be in trouble!

Mechanophobia is the fear of machines, sufferers not only get anxious about cars and other vehicles, they fear other mechanical objects too. 

Well, they’d get one hell of a fright if they saw Gloria, our monster sized grabber in our Bolton scrap yard. 😅

Then there’s vehophobia which is the fear of driving. Controlling a car causes sheer panic and makes getting from A to B a very frightening prospect. 

Amaxophobia, on the other hand, is getting the jitters while riding in a car that someone else is driving. 

Dystychiphobia is being terrified of accidents and why some people don’t like being in vehicles. at all.


Being frightened of road travel is called hodophobia and means sufferers will steer clear of roads all together. 

Imagine heading to supermarket in a chopper because you’re fearful of roads

One thing you don’t need to be fearful of, however, is not getting the best price for a scrap car.

We are Britain’s best paying breakers yard with selling quality late model used car parts and giving you the best deal on your scrap car. 

That can be any car, we pay best prices for insurance write-off vehicles, and cars that would cost you more money to fix than they’re worth.

If you’re wondering what to do when scrapping a car, it couldn’t be more straightforward than with The Scrappers. You can find out how much a scrap car is worth in seconds by entering your vehicle details here.

It’s not just cars for scrap in our busy breakers yard, Gloria likes to get her claws into bigger scrap vehicles too. Like vans, we love a good scrap a van session. 

You might be toying with the thought, “hmmm, I’m going to sell my van for scrap” or wondering if it is possible to “sell my van online”. 


Absolutely it is and it’s so straightforward just let us help you out. We will give you the best price if you’ve decided, “I’m going to sell my van Bolton way, “sell my van Manchester way”, ‘I’m going to sell my car near me”.

Car, truck, van, motorcycle , call on us. We are a scrap yard in Bolton but our service is nationwide as we have dedicated scrap car collection agents up and down the country. 

And remember, no fears, no phobias here, just peace of mind you will get the best price when you sell a car for scrap.

Call (01204) 388 488. 

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