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Sell My Nissan Qashqai Bolton

Who Buys Nissan Qashqai?

Got a Ford you can’t afford to keep on repairing?

scrap my car today

If you need to ‘scrap my car today’ then you need a professional organisation that can quickly remove your scrap vehicle – The Scrappers.

Mondeo driving you to feeling mundane every time you sit behind the wheel?

Perhaps you’ve got a VW Passat that’s well past its sell by date.

Or a Focus you’d very much like to focus off!

How about a Mazda 3, that’s no longer amazing.

Or what if you’ve got a Nissan Qashqai that needs squashing? 

If you have any car or van you want to get rid of then call on The Scrappers.

We are huge scrap and salvation plant located in Bolton and we take any scrap car.

We also but any car too, so if you want to get rid of your motor we are the team for you.


Yes we are based in Bolton, but the Scrappers collect cars from all over the North West and we also operate a nationwide delivery service on car parts.

If you need a replacement car part then drop us a line, our team are more than happy to help.

In relation to scrapping cars, The Scrappers are a company you can trust.

We are proud to be an ATF breakers yard. This means we are an authorised treatment facility and follow environmental safety regulations so scrap vehicles are dismantled correctly.

Our mission is to recycle as much of a scrap vehicles as possible.

In other words, parts from vehicles that come into our yard can the used on other cars.

And the rest? Well that’s recycled and eventually turned into some new.

That could be anything, from worn out tyres that become super trendy wellies.

To old seatbelts that become part of sassy handbag.

Plastic hubcaps that can become toothbrushes!

You name it and it can be recycled.


When you scrap a car with The Scrappers you are actually doing your part for a greener world. Pat yourself on the back. And as an extra added bonus, you’ll make a tidy sum in the process too.

The Scrappers are known for paying competitively for scrap vehicles. You can get a near instant quote using the online vehicle valuator. 

Or if you like chatting to a human being just call the yard on 01204 388488.

So if you’re thinking, “sell my Mondeo Manchester,” call us.

If you’re wondering “where do I scrap my Passat” contact The Scrappers.

Get in touch with The Scrappers if you want to scrap a Mazda 3 for best price.

And if you’re thinking “who buys Nissan Qashqai” call us. Or “sell my Nissan Qashqai Bolton”, then call us!