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Sell my engine


The scrap vehicle game is a hotbed of activity. Used engine Bolton

Literally blink and you’ll miss a piece of the action.

And that’s just how the Scrappers team want it.

It’s fast and it’s furious and you have to stay on your toes.

A huge chunk of The Scrappers time is spent stripping out parts like engines, for example.

These engines often go to other parts of the world. Exporting engines is a critical part of the scrap industry. One of the Scrappers main engine exporters is currently Spain.

But recently they have been branching out to other corners of the globe too including Lithuania, Ghana, Slovakia and South Africa.

And they are always looking to expand. 🌎

So, The Scrappers need engines. All types of engines, so why not sell your engine to the Scrappers! If you’re thinking ‘I want to sell my engine’ then you should sell it to the Scrappers!

Now The Scrappers know that most people don’t have an engine sitting idly about the house!

It’s usually in a car. And that’s absolutely fine because The Scrappers don’t just want the engine, they want the whole car!!

So why not sell your car to the Scrappers?! Or if it’s in a right old state or accident damaged or a complete and utter rust bucket.. then scrap it instead!!

You can get a vehicle valuation quote in minutes online and that’s a no obligation quote too. So if you have a change of heart it’s not a problem. But knowing The Scrappers and their generous quotes you’ll probably find it hard to resist!!! And bear this is mind too; The Scrappers pay more than scrap value for export vehicles!


They will buy any make or model of car, from late model cars to vans, to trucks and to motorbikes. And they also buy classic cars and it doesn’t matter what shape the classic car is in.

So if you want to sell a classic car then contact the Scrappers.

If for example you want to scrap a Ford, sell a BMW, contact the Scrappers. If you want to sell a van, call the Scrappers. They love vans. From Berlingos to Ford Transit vans. They will buy any type of van and pay you a premium.

On the other hand if you have a van that needs a bit of TLC then why not contact them for vans parts? The Scrappers sell quality used van parts. You can search online for used van parts or call the team and ask.

And if you haven’t heard already, there is also a new and exciting tyre depot in the Scrappers vicinity. It’s called All Tyred Up and they do some great deals for wheels.

You can buy bargain alloys that look as good as new, and you can buy nearly new tyres too.

Additionally you can sell your alloys to The Scrappers or All Tyred Up, they pay top dough for alloys so why not make a few extra bob and flog ‘em!

For all your tyred needs contact 01204567666 or visit their website.

You can contact The Scrappers on 01204388488 for used car parts, to sell a car or scrap a car.

So don’t delay scrap your car today!