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The Scrappers isn’t solely a scrapyard, we’re a salvage yard too. This means that whenever we can save a vehicle, we damn right well will!

Take classic cars, for example, that have been left to deteriorate over the years. You’d be surprised how often we get wrecks coming on. Barn-yard finds, neglected-on-the-driveway finds, cooped-up-in-a-garage-for-years finds. You name it, we’ve found it.

If we at The Scrappers ever do come across an oldies goldies gem we ensure that it gets the restoration it deserves. Sometimes we undertake the work ourselves as there is nothing more rewarding than restoring a car back to it’s former glory. Other times it’ll go off to a particular classic car restorer who focuses specifically on restoring certain makes and models. 

This 1980’s Rover 800, for example, came into us after giving up the ghost long ago and is now on its way to a chap in Bury. It’ll get an overall and given a new lease of life, what 41-year-old wouldn’t fancy that! 

If you have an old Rover to sell or any other classic car and you’ve been wondering “who buys classic cars near me?” Or you are thinking “where can I sell my classic car for cash?” You’re in the right place. 


Give the classic car lovers team at The Scrappers a call. We buy any classic car, from old classic cars like Jaguars to modern classics like the Peugeot 205 GTI, Mazda RX7 or Volvo 1800ES or a Ford Capri 2.8i Special. Maybe you’re thinking, “how do I sell my Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6?” or “who buys Volkswagen Golf MkI GTI?” If so, get in touch!

We may be Scrappers in name but we’re all about the salvation! Conserving as many old timers as possible.

We are always on the lookout to buy cars for scrap and cars for breaking. The same with larger vehicles too, we will take trucks, vans, lorries and motorbikes. We buy any car and any van so bear us in mind whether you are wanting to scrap a car today or scrap a car in the future.

One of our mottos is “break it ’til you make it’, which really means we buy accident damaged vehicles, we buy MOT failures and we buy high mileage cars.

And we tend to break these types of vehicles for parts. In essence that means we are preserving as much as possible of the cars we buy by salvaging the parts that still work and can become of great use in another car. 

You might think a scrapyard in a yard full of junk and pollutants, but quite the contrary. We are a self-respecting scrap company and registered as an ATF. 

Anything that comes into our yard is sorted in an environmentally friendly manner because we love saving the planet too!

So who are you going to call if you’re thinking, “where can I sell my classic car for cash?”

Call The Scrappers for a quote or get an instant valuation online. We offer a free car collection service and we pay instantly into your bank account. 

Best prices paid for classic cars too and we are also really competitive with our scrap car prices as well.

So give us a call today on 01204388488.