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HAVE you ever dreamed of driving a Porsche or another fancy model? You may have done so without knowing it!

Vehicles in a Bolton car scrap yard

If you need to know ‘where is my nearest car scrapyard in Bolton?’ Then the team at The Scrappers have the answer – plus they pay the best prices!

Don’t worry, you weren’t sleepdriving behind the wheel and have no recollection of the incident. You are not losing your mind!

You could have driven in a fancy car while awake, certainly part of a fancy car anyway. 

Did you know a whopping 75 percent of a car can be recycled?

The chances are the car you’re driving could well have been another make or model of vehicle in its former life. 

Cars, vans, trucks, busses, any automobile you can think of, is the most recycled product in the world.


Millions of tonnes of recycled steel is retrieved from vehicles every year, vehicles that have seen better days.

Scrap vehicles can include accident damaged vehicles, so if that fancy Porsche had a nasty prang which can’t be fixed it would have been recycled. 

Recycling is certainly the main focus at our ATF depot which serves the North West. We love to recycle and make the world a greener place! 

And it works like this. Any car that comes to Bolton’s best scrapyard, The Scrappers, is stripped for parts. That’s after we extract all vehicle fluids – safety always comes first. 

And just because a particular scrap vehicle no longer shifts, doesn’t mean interior and exterior parts can’t be reused. 

Decent parts might as well live on and keep other motorists on the road for less. 


The Scrappers are the go-to used car parts online store and real life car parts shop. 

The car recycling industry supplies a good old slice of ferrous metal too. This metal heads off to smelters. Smelting is a method which applies heat to ore in order to extract a base metal. This allows the base metal to be remodelled into something else.

In reality, the bonnet of your motor could have been an exterior panel of a Porsche back in the day! 

Car tyres are another beautiful recyclable material. When tyres are no longer fit for driving purpose they can be turned into running tracks, footwear and carpet underlay. The list is endless! 

Bolton’s best paying scrapyard and car buying concern, The Scrappers will buy any car. So if you’re thinking, “I need a fast sale of my car”, call on us.

Have you ever wondered how to  “sell my car online free”, get in touch. You don’t need to fork out for a pricey car sales advert on a car sales website. Be your own car salesman! 


You could be thinking, “sell my van today”, just call us. Or if you are wondering, “who are the best payers for vans?”, contact The Scrappers. Maybe you want to scrap a van instead, get in touch. 

We are only a phone call away 01204388488 or chat online through our website. You can sell your car in one day. 

The Scrappers are the best place to sell a car and we are the best place to scrap a car. Our scrapyard buys in cars daily from all over the North West.  

The Scrappers love cars. Beautiful scrap cars are what makes the Bolton salvage yard sparkle with magic.

Why not be part of the best recycling industry in the world and choose The Scrappers. 

The Scrappers – recycling at its finest. Call 01204 388488.