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Sell my car Blackburn


We don’t half find some finds.

Vehicles that have literally been left to rot for years! If cars could talk, they’d have some stories to tell.

Some vehicles have been left for so long in fact that half of them have sprouted gardens or become habitats for wildlife like field mice.

Others have been left under trees and you should see what that does to the paintwork over time.

Take this old Taxi cab for example pictured below… it’s been under some shrubbery for a while. As a result this cab has been exposed to sooty mould – which is actually green fly poop!

During the warmer months, bugs like green flies can leave a very sticky residue on the paintwork of a car and it can be a bugger to shift!

This Taxi has obviously been left as a dumping ground for green fly sap over the years. You can barely see the original paintwork! It’s going to take some elbow grease to shift this sap hopefully a strong jet wash will shift it.

And look at this beast here, it’s what we call a car-den – a car garden! Mother nature has been firmly bedding in over the past years, making the boot extremely difficult to open.

We do get some interesting states of cars and vans coming into the yard.

Some have been covered in bird poop. You have to be cautious handling a vehicle covered in bird excrement as it can be bad for your health.

Other vehicles have just rusted beyond imagination, ones that have been nearer the coast tend to rust faster than inland.




Protect your car’s paintwork by regularly washing and waxing it.  You should also be mindful of where you park your vehicle too.

Parking under trees for long spells is never wise. The sap from leaves can also affect paintwork and in autumn falling leaves can pose problems with your car.

If your car is beyond saving, however, look to The Scrappers. You might be thinking, “I want to scrap my car Bolton way”, call The Scrappers. You might be thinking,”I want to scrap my van in Manchester, give us a call. Or if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my car Bury way”, give us a ring. You might also think, “how can I sell my car Blackburn way,” or “where can I sell my car Preston?”

Then just contact the Scrappers!

The Scrappers are a car scrap yard Bolton based, but they have scrap car collection services nationwide.

Do you want to scrap car Stockport way, or you want to ‘sell my car Leigh way’? That’s no bother for their strong and ever expanding network of vehicle collection agents.

You may want to know the scrap value of a Vauxhall Vectra. Have you ever thought, ‘where would I ‘sell my Audi’, or where can I sell my Mercedes Bolton. If you have a running car or not, the Scrappers always offer the best prices going.

So if you’re based in Bolton of further afield, stress not – the Scrappers have your back.

The Scrappers are an Authorised Treatment Facility and adhere to government guidelines which means they dismantle and handle scrap cars in an environmentally suitable and safe manner.

And they pay amazing prices for cars or vans you want to sell. So don’t delay, contact the friendly Scrappers team today.


Call (01204) 388488 or go online.