Sell My Accident Damaged Mercedes C Class Bolton

Motor cars; what a belting invention.

When they run like a dream, there’s nothing finer than cruising down the road with a sense of ease and comfort.

But when they start to clap out, wow don’t we just know about it. Or if you’re unfortunate to have accident they can be a complete write-off.

And for ones that continue to run there’s hefty repair bills. Or praying it’ll get you from to A to B, can issues can take their toll on stress levels.

And when things finally do pack up at least you can take comfort in knowing that The Scrappers buy any car.

It doesn’t if you want to sell a write-off car Bolton way.

Nor does it matter if you’re thinking “sell my MOT failure Audi Bolton way” for example.

You may want to sell a high mileage Mercedes C Class Bolton way.

Or you may be thinking. ‘where can I sell my accident damaged Mercedes C Class Bolton way?”

They’re just a few examples of the kind of predicament you may be in if you want to sell a car.

And because The Scrappers love all cars, we buy any car too.

We also offer a free car take back, so when you scrap or sell your vehicle to The Scrappers we can come and collect it for free. 

And we’ll give you the actual value, not just the scrap value.


It’s really easy to suss out the value of your car online too. Just use our simple vehicle valuator and you’ll get a quote in seconds.

Some people prefer the old fashioned way of calling us up. Not a problem at all, we’re only too happy to chat. Just dial 01204 388488 and a member of The Scrappers team will help you out. 

You might be after a certain part, a new bumper, a replacement BMW engine Bolton way maybe?

You could be after a mass air flow sensor for an Audi A6, give us a shout and we’ll hunt it out!

We have thousands of used car parts available to the good people of Bolton and beyond.

So why not get in touch today on 01204 388488.

Or if you want to scrap a van why not contact Scrap A Van – kind of makes sense doesn’t it!