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MEET Robert Lee, he’s dubbed the ‘Cat Man’ because what he doesn’t know about catalytic converters isn’t worth knowing.

In fact, Robert openly admits he dreams about them on a regular basis.

“Not out of choice but they do pop up regularly,” he told The Scrappers.

“Or I can be enjoying Sunday lunch and a glass of red wine and suddenly a part number will flash through my brain.

“It’s from a long time handling that sort of material. Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year!

“So it does become the norm that a large part of the brain is consumed with that info,” he laughs.

You might think the subject of catalytic convertors wouldn’t float everybody’s boat. But scratch beneath the surface and you begin to understand Robert’s passion. 

Most people might know a catalytic converter’s function – to reduce fuel emissions.

But did you know that ‘cat con’ under your vehicle could actually end up in your mouth one day – or even keep your heart ticking over?

Cat-Man Robert Lee from Envirotech UK

The precious metals from a converter can be recycled and turn up as tooth fillings or in dentists’ tools.


“Yes, it’s used in dentistry, so what’s under the car can end up in your mouth – and give you something to smile about, literally,” said Robert.

“Obviously there is a process that converts the precious metals from an industrial to a non industrial grade. ”

Robert’s been in the precious metal industry for 30 years, operating nationally from his EnviroTech Recycling UK HQ

based in Lancaster. He buys the item, processes the item and refines the materials.

Robert has dealt with us at The Scrappers for years and comes to our yard every couple of weeks.

During his three decades in the catalytic converters business, Robert has dealt with over 15,000 part numbers – that’s 15,000 different types of cat con. 

He explains: “The reason it’s such a high number is because you have a range of vehicle manufacturers, from heavy to commercial to vans and cars – vehicles on all spectrums.

“Each cat converter has a different part number. We then calculate the value of each cat unit by their part number, because we know the content of the precious metal for each one.”

Cats got your tongue?!

The precious metals – which could end up as a sparkly ring on your finger or in your mouth – include platinum, palladium and rhodium. 


“So we identify a particular cat converter by its part number and then know it’ll contain, say, two grams of platinum, one gram of palladium and maybe a quarter gram of rhodium.”

Robert’s info is kept on a database linked to the precious-metal spot market which gives him daily information on current prices.

So platinum, for example, might be fetching £20 a gram one day, then soaring or falling in value the next.

“I will do the calculations based on the spot (live) price the precious metal market reports,” Robert said.

“We will come in and go through Terry’s batch at The Scrappers – a weekly or fortnightly accumulation.

“All of the material is individually checked on its own merit, based on its own part number.

“Once we have gone through each of those individual units and we have gathered all the relevant information, that then allows us to calculate the precious metal content within the batch.

“We do that at Terry’s site on the day. Everything is checked, accounted for, then obviously the overall value based on metal content is calculated and paid for.

“Then it will go to our depot in Lancaster where it will be smelted.”

Top cats! Robert’s impressive batch of Catalytic Converters

So where else does it end up in its next life?

“The jewellery industry is of course quite a big taker of the metals which are all classed as part of the PGM (Platinum Group Metals).


“It’s used also in the likes of smart phones, tablets, computers and motherboards.

“When you go and turn your kettle on every morning, platinum group metal is playing its part there.

“As we talk on our phones, PGM is allowing that to happen.”

But the biggest wow factor for Robert is the fact PGM is used in pace-makers which keep hearts beating. 

“Platinum has such a good electro transmission and has reactions and responses other metals cannot achieve. That is why it literally shines through when it comes to these vital functions.”

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