Sell A Rolls Royce

Roll up, roll up and let’s talk about the Rolls Royce.

The company was launched in 1906 and started as a car and aeroplane manufacturer.
Founders were called Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. 

During their first year they introduced the Silver Ghost. The car broke records running non-stop for almost 15K miles.
Today 65 per cent of Rolls Royce cars ever built are still running – which doesn’t surprise us as our crushing claw has rarely seen one!

In 1971 the government nationalised Rolls Royce, it was privatised in 1987 as Rolls Royce PLC.
In 1998 it was bought by BMW who built a new Rolls Royce factory in Goodwood. Then in 2003 the latest generation of Rolls Royce was launched; the Rolls Royce Phantom. Consumers can choose from a variety of 44,000 different colours!

It takes two months at the very least to build a Phantom which starts life in Germany where nearly 200 aluminium and 300 alloy pieces are welded together by hand. 
Every phantom comes with umbrellas that are built into the doors and pop open when you press a button – brolly good show hey!

The hood ornament which is called ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ pops in and out above the grill with a remote control and dips down automatically in the event of a crash. In 2008 a special edition diamond encrusted one was made with the asking price of over £124,000!

Hong Kong has the most Rolls Royce owners per capita.

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