scrap my car near me

Scrapping an electric car? Use The Scrappers

If you are considering scrapping an electric car, then you should use a responsible vehicle recycling firm such as The Scrappers.

Why? The simple answer is that The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility, which means it is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that scrap vehicles are disposed of correctly without harming our environment.

And since an electric car or van is packed with hazardous chemicals, it’s crucial that you use an experienced scrapyard for this purpose.

Electric vehicles use sizeable and heavy batteries, usually made with lithium ion which need to be handled correctly.

Also, along with the electronics and circuitry, an electric car has lots of components which could potentially be used for repairing other electric vehicles or in other industries altogether.

Unwanted electric car or van

scrap my car near me
Don’t waste time searching for ‘scrap my car near me’ – The Scrappers can come to you wherever you are. Call us 01204 388488.

It helps that The Scrappers can pick up your unwanted electric car or van wherever you are in the UK using a network of responsible agents and still pay the best price.

This pickup can be arranged for a convenient time and you will be reassured that your electric car is recycled responsibly and we can also help with the DVLA paperwork.

All it takes is a phone call to the friendly team or you can use the online form which will set the process in motion for collecting your electric car.

It’s important to appreciate too that The Scrappers will pay among the best prices possible when picking up your car, and you’ll need to be wary about any organisation offering to paying cash.

That’s because it’s no longer legal to offer money but you can be paid by cheque or by direct bank transfer. Do not deal with any organisation offering to pay hard cash because it’s likely they are not an authorised treatment facility and your car will not be legally scrapped.

Electric car or van

This should be a concern because whatever happens to your electric car or van after it leaves your hands is still your responsibility. For example, if it’s used in crime or racks up parking tickets, then you will be held liable for this.

It’s not worth taking the risk when you could deal with professionals and engage with a network of agents who are more than willing to take your unwanted electrical vehicle of your hands and ensure that it is recycled and scrapped responsibly.

If you are looking at scrapping an electric car and want to be paid the best price when doing so, then you really need to contact The Scrappers to find out more on 01204 388488.