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Scrapping a taxi before clean air zones take effect

If you are thinking of scrapping a taxi before clean air zones take effect, then The Scrappers will be a able to help.

Regardless of where you are in the UK, we can offer you the best scrap price for your taxi and arrange a free collection at a time to suit you.

Also, we will pay immediately into your bank account so you can then use the funds to invest in a new taxi that will meet the new emission standards.

This will be an issue because there are growing numbers of councils who are looking at introducing clean air zones after the successful implementation of London’s ultralow emission zone (Ulez).

Here, the government has helped to fund firms with vans and taxi drivers to invest in a new vehicle. Your council may also have a similar scheme in place.

Scrapping a taxi for cash

However, it appears that growing numbers of local councils are considering the introduction of these cleaner air zones which will make scrapping a taxi for cash more appealing.

That’s because older vehicles will not be meeting the emissions criteria and will need to pay to enter the zone and in some cases will not be able to enter at all.

This is another overhead that many taxi operators can do without, so it makes sense to invest in a new vehicle either with no emissions or very low emissions to prepare for the future.

Act now and speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers to find out how much your taxi’s worth in scrap, arrange a free collection and have the money in your bank account on the same day.

You are then free to invest the money in a new taxi that complies with current and future regulations.

Taxi drivers wanting to scrap their taxi

scrap car prices
Wanting to earn the best scrap car prices? Call The Scrappers on 01204 388488.

With growing numbers of taxi drivers wanting to scrap their taxi, they could be helped with financial incentives.

While some cities may offer financial help, the government has refused a request for £28 million help clean up taxicabs and private hire vehicles in the Greater Manchester area.

This is ahead of their clean air zone implementation which will see cars being fined for breaching emissions rules.

Recently, Bolton Council also carried out a crackdown on older taxis and removed some from the road – one black cab and dozens of private hire vehicles were removed. In total, 59 vehicles breached licensing and safety guidelines.

There’s a lot to recommend scrapping your taxi before clean air zones take effect, so why not act now to access a cash boost by contacting The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 to find out how much your taxi is worth as scrap and arrange a free collection.