Scrap your Toyota car with The Scrappers

There are several reasons why you should use The Scrappers for your scrap Toyota car and here we will explain more.

Not only will you get the best price for your unwanted vehicle but The Scrappers will also dispose of your car carefully to help our environment.

This issue of recycling Toyotas is an important one to this car manufacturer as they have taken steps towards meeting the demand from the European Union that 95% of a car is recycled.

However, it’s also important that this recycling is done in a responsible way and Toyota uses 150 approved dismantlers for this purpose.

Essentially, the dismantling will remove the metal, plastics, tyres, as well as other rubber items and also the electrics and batteries for reuse.

When it comes to scrapping your old Toyota car, then get in touch with The Scrappers for the best price.

Don’t simply use any car scrap yard

However, it’s important that when you are scrapping a Toyota that you don’t simply use any car scrap yard.

It’s important that you use a scrapyard that has been licensed and is monitored by the Environment Agency and these are known as Authorised Treatment Facilities – which The Scrappers are.

This means that you will be reassured that the harmful oil is removed safely from the used Toyota and will not contaminate our environment.

Also, any parts that can be sold on for repairing old Toyotas will be and there’s the potential of selling car parts, particularly the engine from a Toyota, to buyers overseas to help repair their vehicles. The Scrappers sends these parts to countries around the world.

Search online for scrap my Toyota car opportunities

So, if you want to search online for scrap my Toyota car opportunities and you own a Toyota then The Scrappers should be your first port of call.

In addition to offering the best price, The Scrappers can also pick up your unwanted Toyota for salvage wherever you are in the country using a network of agents for this purpose.

There’s no doubt that Toyota is really keen on recycling cars and was one of the first car manufacturers to operate a scrappage scheme that removed old cars from the roads because they are less environmentally friendly and offered buyers cheaper new cars instead.

For more help and information about using The Scrappers for your scrap Toyota and organising a collection of your salvage car, then it’s time to contact the team on 01204 6388488.