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“This isn’t a beauty pageant, it’s the car scrap business – we don’t give a monkey’s what your car looks like,” stresses The Scrappers Managing Director Terry Walker.

“All we care about is giving customers the best price for their old cars, vans and trucks and disposing of them greenly and safely.”

And with 25 years trading behind it, The Scrappers certainly know what it’s talking about when it comes to the car breaking business.

It doesn’t matter how badly damaged a motor is, it will still be taken off your hands at the best possible price.

“In a nutshell, we’ll buy any car,” Terry explained.

“From nearly new accident-damaged motors, family-run motors, high-mileage motors, completely clapped out motors or high-end salvage motors – it motors not to us!

“We’ll take it off your hands and pay you top whack for it.”

The Scrappers also strives to collect unwanted vehicles within the hour. All they ask sellers to do is simply have their proof of ownership paperwork ready.

“When you want to get shut, you want to get shut,” said Terry, “so we don’t keep customers hanging around. We do our very best to have the car collected in the shortest possible time.

“We cover all areas of Prestwich and Greater Manchester and usually manage to take your old car away within the hour. You get cash in hand with peace of mind that we will take care of it safely and professionally, with every stage transparent and completely above board.

“It’s that straightforward and simple, yet I’m always amazed at the number of customers who’ve had unwanted vehicles hanging around for ages when they could have had a tidy sum in the bank.”

Unsurprisingly, the sheer professionalism of The Scrappers’s North West empire has led to national expansion, but the company remembers where it came from and still takes great pride in its local roots.

The Scrappers is also proud of its green credentials, acting strictly within all the laws and guidelines covering pollution and waste management, ensuring maximum protection for the environment.

A large part of the company’s green effort goes into ensuring that only quality second-hand car parts – thoroughly checked and cleaned – are recycled from vehicles taken off the road. So if you’re looking for a certain part, The Scrappers is the team to trust.

The company’s reputation for impeccable used-car parts explains why it’s remained top of the scrap-car heap for year after year.

“Our salvage yard is one of the greenest places around,” says Terry, with justifiable pride.

“Think about it: We take your old car and then strip it bare. The parts that are still in good working order are cleaned up and sold on as quality used parts. It’s recycling at its best.”

After discarding any potential pollutants according to strict government guidelines, The Scrappers’s professional and dedicated staff recycle anything that’s still in good shape – from panels to petrol tanks, brake lights to bumpers. If they meet MS’s strict quality control, all can be re-born in other vehicles.

“It might not have the glamour of a beauty pageant,” adds Terry, “but at The Scrappers we try very hard to keep this nation of ours as green as possible, one used car at a time. And that’s the real beauty of our company.”


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