Scrap your car today with The Scrappers

Need to scrap your car today, or as soon as possible? Then you need to deal with the experts and The Scrappers can take care of this for you.

And, along with paying the best price possible, the team can organise the scrapping of your vehicle wherever you are in the country.

That’s not the same offering from every scrapyard and when you get in touch with The Scrappers they have a network of reputable agents to work on their behalf and this professional service will see your car being removed as quickly as possible and the money for doing so being paid directly into your bank account.

The car, once it has been removed, will then be taken to an authorised treatment facility where it will be properly depolluted which means the harmful oils and fluids are removed and the battery will be sent for recycling.

Scrapping a car or van urgently

Scrapping a car or van urgently and getting the best price means you don’t have to worry that your car is blocking your driveway as you can use the money to help pay for its replacement.

Also, there is no restriction on where your car needs to be picked up from so it could be from your home or place of work or even a garage if it’s an expensive MOT failure.

The Scrappers will also deal with the paperwork so that the DVLA is informed that your car has been properly scrapped and you will be given a certificate of destruction to prove this.

This certificate proves you have disposed of your vehicle legally and you should never dump an unwanted car or van on the roadside or verge because you will still be legally responsible for it.

‘Find a scrapyard near me’

This is an issue for those who need to ‘find a scrapyard near me’ and dispose of their vehicle as quickly as possible, for whatever reason.

Also, you may use a scrap yard that offers hard cash to dispose of it quickly but there’s a danger here because it’s no longer legally possible to pay money for scrapping a vehicle and you must be paid directly into your bank account.

In addition, these types of scrap yard may simply remove the expensive spare parts for selling on and then dump what is left of your vehicle, which means you may have to pay to have it removed and then scrapped properly.

When you use The Scrappers, you will be reassured that you are dealing with an authorised treatment facility which means its activities are regulated by the Environment Agency so your vehicle is depolluted without harming the environment.

To scrap your car today and earn the best price, then you need to speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers on 01204 388488.