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Scrap a car Bolton, Today!


The Scrappers is one of the biggest car breakers and used car parts specialists in the UK, we are the leading scrap my car Manchester service. Based in the North West, we operate on a national scale, collecting thousands of scrap cars from all over the UK, ensuring that whatever the condition, owners are paid the very best prices.
But that’s just one part of what we do. Through their vast and ultra-efficient, nationwide network of scrap car collection agents, we source a huge number of re-usable car parts, from the huge amount of late models that we buy on a daily basis. Each and every used car part is cleaned and refurbished, then checked, before being sold onto the public and all are cleaned before being sold on to our customers.


Although we are based in Manchester, our nationwide operation is huge. So if you live outside the North West, but have still decided to ‘scrap my car Manchester‘ we have a network of collection agents, working up and down the country, making sure that wherever you are, there will be a local collection agent, ready to pay you the best price for your scrap car. Making sure that all our collection drivers are polite and friendly, and are supportive to all customers is one of our main priorities, so you can be sure that if you want to scrap a car Bolton or anywhere else in the UK, we’ll be there to help you out.

The Scrappers are a popular choice for motorists looking for used car parts because they have learned from first-hand experience and by word of mouth that their second hand car parts are a byword for quality control.


Nationwide Network of Agents to Scrap A Car Bolton

With 25 years of trading, there’s little – in fact, probably nothing – The Scrappers does not know about the industry. We take great pride in making sure that when you come to scrap my car Manchester or scrap a car Bolton, it will be done in the most environmentally friendly way.

When our driver comes to collect your car (which by the way is completely free of charge) you can be sure that as soon as we take your car away we will treat the ELV in the greenest and safest way. We are a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and de-pollution plant and have even been recognised and approved by the Environment Agency.

Once your car arrives at our ATF it will be de-polluted. All the harmful chemicals that reside within a car, will be filtered and disposed of safely, before we break the car for parts. When the car is just a shell, it will be grabbed by our 360 grab, and scrapped. Did you know that scrap metal can be used again and again to make more cars and even phones! And this is exactly what we’ll happen when we scrap you car

scrap my car Manchester

Car Breakers Manchester

If you want to scrap my car Manchester, we are one of the leading late model breakers and parts exporters in the UK. We work with international partners from all over the world including Egypt, Nigeria, Spain, Malta and China to export cars and their parts abroad.

What’s more, we never take notice of what the scrap metal price is on the day you want to scrap a car Bolton; instead we pay more attention to what our exporters want, what parts are selling well and then make a quote on your car.


We want your experience when you scrap a car Bolton, to be the best. We specialise in sending parts and engines around the UK or even to foreign countries. And what’s more we’ll come and collect your car for free . Why not get in touch today to scrap a car Bolton?




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