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Living in a tiny village right in the middle of a forest, the residents of Scorton are well aware that it is absolutely essential for the UK to contribute to saving the world’s environment. When you scrap my car Scorton with The Scrappers, you are doing your bit. We recycle every car we bring into our scrap yard to the highest of standards. Before it is put into the baler, we make sure that every part that can be used in another car is taken out and refurbished, and then we get rid of any harmful chemicals. Using recycled scrap metal saves natural resources. So a scrap car today could go into a new car tomorrow.

Come to The Scrappers

The prices we pay for scrap cars are the best on the market; we beat our competitors hands down on prices paid and the service we provide is second to none. Once you have filled in the online form, we will call you and give you a quote on what we will pay for your car. Then, we will come and pick up your scrap car Scorton for free, and give you a cheque right there and then. What’s more, we will even deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you. What could be better than that?

Contact Us to Scrap a Car

Call us on 01204 388 488 to scrap a car today or for any other information regarding the services we provide.  We not only scrap cars, we also break cars for parts and have a recovery service. So whatever you need, we will have it here at The Scrappers.

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