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scrap metal prices

Scrap Prices Falling

Scrap Prices Tumble For The 4th Month In A Row

For the fourth month in a row, the scrap metal prices in the UK took a tumble in October and unfortunately the November forecast isn’t looking much better. Metal Bulletin said ‘UK domestic scrap prices saw a £30 ($46) per tonne downward revision in October under pressure from a fall in international scrap prices. This was the fourth month in a row when UK market prices have fallen, and most market participants still agreed that prices have not found a floor yet. “There is no reason to expect any positive change,” The Scrap Price Bulletin added to this, ‘Most opinions heading into early November are that prices could drop more in the 5-10 percent range.’

scrap metal prices

We Pay More Than Scrap Value On Cars For Export

This is the lowest the scrap metal has been since before 2008, and therefore many scrap yards are refusing to pay customers for their cars, instead offering only collection. Obviously as the North West’s leading scrap yard, this isn’t the best news to hear, but our customers should fear not, as this means that we’ll be looking to buy more cars to export! We export to many countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Poland, Malta and Lebanon, and each exporter has their own list of makes and models required.

We always pay more than scrap price for export, so you should check whether you have one of the makes and models that we need. Your car could be salvage, but even if it’s accident damaged or older, we could still pay you more the 50% more than other scrap yards are offering.

So, if you have a later model, an accident damaged salvage car or one of the cars on our export lists, why not call us on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form on the website to get a quote on your car.