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Scrap My VW Manchester

Scrap My VW Bolton

CALLING all Volkswagen drivers – The Scrappers want your scrap VW! VW Golf spares

And het this, The Scrappers pay the best price for a scrap VW too! 

So if you’ve woken up on this glorious sunny day and thought. “where can I scrap my VW?”, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud to be your local VW scrapyard – paying competitively for all models of scrap VW.

So if you’re thinking, “I want top scrap my VW Bolton,” then contact us. 

Or you could be thinking, “I need to scrap my VW Manchester,” contact us again.

The Scrappers are based in Bolton but cater to the whole of the North West.

If you are thinking, “scrap my VW Arteon Manchester” give us a shout.

You might be thinking, “scrap my Beetle Bolton”, we will merrily crush that Beetle for you. But only after we’ve used it for still working parts, mind. The Scrappers main ethos is to recycle as much of a VW as possible.


You may want to “scrap my Eos today” not a problem, you know who you can turn to!

Or, you may have a Fox that’s acting all foxed up! So, if you’re thinking, “scrap my VW Fox Bolton” contact the Scrappers.

And if you Golf is playing up? You might be thinking, “where can I scrap my VW Golf Manchester?” Let The Scrappers help. If you want to scrap a VW Bolton or scrap a VW Manchester, we can sort you out.

You may want to “scrap my accident damaged Golf SV”, then contact The Scrappers.

Or you could be thinking, “scrap my VW Jetta” then jettison it with us!

You may have a VW Passat, that’s well past it’s sell by date, you know who to call.

So, if you’re thinking, “scrap my VW Passat Manchester” then pick up the phone and dial 01204 388488 today. 

If your VW Phaeton is ready to meet its fate with The Scrappers yard, then contact us today.


To scrap a Phaeton Bolton, dial 01204 388488. Or to scrap a Scirocco contact The Scrappers.

If you need to scrap a Sharan, contact the Scrappers. Or to scrap a Tiguan, contact us.

If you’re sick on being on tour in your Touran, contact The Scrappers to scrap a Touran Bolton way. You my be thinking, “scrap my accident damaged T-Cross” and it’s making your cross then give us a shout.


Of if your VW up! is making you feel down, scrap a VW up! Bolton way with us. The same applies if you want to scrap A Volkswagen CC Bolton or if your T-Roc is no longer rocking.

Whatever VW car you want to scrap, get in touch with us today. Get a near instant quote online here or ring us on 01204388488. 

And if you want to sell a VW, any VW why not give our sister company a shout here.

To sum up, whatever your wants and needs when it comes to selling or scrapping a VW let the Scrappers team help you out.

The Scrappers – everyone’s favourite VW scrap yard and VW breakers yard.

Don’t delay,  call 01204 388488 today!