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According to recent reports there is a shortage of motorhomes as Brits are buying them up enjoy staycations in the UK.

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While overseas travel this summer seems shrouded in confusion, a lot of people are preferring to stay put this year.

Holidaying here could also boost the economy as people spend their hard-earned at home instead of away.

The Scrappers have collected and scrapped motorhomes and caravans over the years.

And we’ve also helped motorhome owners and caravan owners stay on the road with replacement parts if they’ve needed.

If you have a motorhome that’s seen better days and you are thinking “who will take my motorhome near me,” contact us.

You my be thinking, “who will but my caravan near me,” then contact us.

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“Sell my motorhome Manchester,” may be another thought on your mind. Or “scrap my caravan Bolton,” could be in your head. The Scrappers will buy any motorhome or caravan in any condition.

We sell caravan parts, we sell motorhome parts and we sell vans parts too. 

The Scrappers don’t just scrap cars, they scrap all kinds of vehicles.


We pay best price for a scrap caravan and we pay best price for a scrap motorhome.

And if you have a runner to sell we will buy that too.

Just as we do with cars, we will pay you a competitive price for your caravan.

We pay top prices for motorhomes Bolton too.

And while most Brits may well be holidaying here, some may have had enough of it and no longer want their motorhome

So don’t forget if you’re thinking, “sell my motorhome Bolton,” for example or scrap my motorhome Bolton, contact The Scrappers.

You can call 01204 388488 or you can find out the value of your motorhome or caravan on our website. Just key in a few simple details and you’ll get a quote in seconds. Use our nifty vehicle valuator here


The Scrapper are an ATF, which stands for Authorised Treatment Facility. In a nutshell, they handle scrap vehicles with the utmost care, safety and respect they deserve. 

Only ATFs are government regulated, ensuring that every stage of the dismantling and recycling process is done properly. Vehicles need to be broken and scrapped in a certain manner so they don’t harm the environment. The Scrappers pride themselves on taking care of the business of handling scrap cars professionally and rigorously.

So if you want a scrapyard you can trust, choose The Scrappers.

The Scrappers – treating scrap cars with the respect and dignity they deserve. 

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