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Scrap my Land Rover Wilmslow

Easter Replacement Bonnet
The Scrappers can’t help you with Easter Bonnets, but we can sure sort you a replacement bonnet!

In fact we can sort you with any car parts going. If they’re in our yard there’s yours if you need, for a great price.

Just like the Easter bunny, we like to hop around ensuring all our replacement car parts customers are happy bunnies too.

The Scrappers never put all their eggs into one basket, that’s why they can help the good people of Bolton and beyond with all sorts of car care needs.

First and foremost we are here to take that worry wart of a scrap car away from you. Paying you the best price in the process. And offering a free car collection service.  

The Scrappers are good eggs when it comes to scrapping a vehicle. They pay over the odds, so you’ll get a cracking deal for your scrap car. How egg-citing!


And they’re all ears when it comes to sorting your car part needs. They’ll happily hunt down the component you need. 

You can call the office on 01204388488 and press option 1 for parts. 

To scrap a vehicle all your need to do is press option 2.

Or find out the worth of your vehicle by punching in the numbers in the calculator. The Scrappers can give you a quote in seconds.

So if you are thinking, “scrap my Rover Manchester,” contact The Scrappers. If you are thinking, “scrap my Rover Bolton,” contact the Scrappers.

Contact the Scrappers if you are thinking, “scrap my Land Rover Wilmslow,” Or if you are thinking, “scrap my Range River Wilmslow, contact The Scrappers.

Best prices are paid for scrap Range Rover Manchester and best prices are paid for scrap Land Rover Manchester.

If you’re in the North West give The Scrappers a try. They are based in Bolton and only a bunny hop form Manchester and Cheshire. 


Do you want beast of a feats this Easter?

Then choose The Scrappers to scrap you vehicle and get even more money for eggs this year. 

The Scrappers are an ATF, which stands for authorised treatment facility. This means your vehicle is scrapped safely in accordance with government regulations. So when you scrap a car with The Scrappers you are playing your part at being greener.

You are actually reducing your carbon footprint. Because The Scrappers will recycle as much of your vehicle as they humanly can.

Do something green today and scrap your car wit The Scrappers.


And if you want to sell a car click here. As Any Car Bought For Cash will buy any car and are part of the Scrappers family. An instant easy sale of your vehicle without any stress.

The Scrappers family want to wish you a happy Easter from all of us down at the yard.