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Scrap My Hyundai

Scrap my Hyundai Accent

OWN a Hyundai that’s left you high and dry?

It is a Getz you’d rather get rid of?

Perhaps you have a less than amicable relationship with your Hyundai Amica. 

Or your Hyundai Genesis has lost its genius touch. 

Maybe it’s a Hyundai Ioniq that makes to much of a squeak when she moves.

Or you have an Hyundai i20 that’s making you wish you’d bought a Bentley!

Basically if you have an Hyundai and you want to wave it goodbye – then call The Scrappers.

You might might be saying to yourself, “I need to scrap my Hyundai i800” contact The Scrappers.


You may have experienced an unfortunate bump and be of the mind, “I need to scrap my accident damaged Hyundai i800”. Then who ya gonna call? Us!!!

The Scrappers are based in Bolton, serving the nation and the world.

We have scrapped millions of cars throughout our 30 plus years in the scrap industry.

And we are also proud to recycle as much of a scrap car as humanly possible. 

We break Hyundai cars and vans as well as other vehicles so that we can salvage as much of a car as possible.

What’s the point in shelling out for an expensive new replacement part when you can get quality seconds hand.

We break late model cars, MOT fairies, high mileage and accident damaged.

If you want to scrap a Hyundai Bolton or further afield you should get in touch with us.

Or, if you’re after used Hyundai parts drop is a line. We even offer a delivery service so don’t worry if you’re not near our Bolton breakers yard. Parts can usually be shipped to you on the same day off purchase.


Or you might be thinking, “scrap my Hyundai Kona,” then give us a call.

You could be thinking, “scrap my Hyundai Getz,” well guess who will take it off your hands.

What about a Hyundai Trajet.. if you’re thinking “scrap my Hyundai Trajet”, contact us.

Pick up the phone and call 01204388488 and we will do the rest.

The Scrappers offer a free vehicle collection service and we can take care of all the paperwork for you. Scrapping your car with The Scrappers is the hassle free way to go about things scrap car related.

Plus, because we are a salvage yard we can offer the best your for scrap Hyundai cars and vans. So what are you waiting for? Go online and get a free quote today for you Hyundai.

If you like our offer we can usually collect your vehicle on the same day with payment going straight into your account.


So if you’re thinking, “scrap my Hyundai Getz” get on the phone to The Scrappers now!

If you’re thinking, “scrap my Hyundai Accent” speak to The Scrappers and get a good deal for your wheels.

Go ahead, make you day and scrap your Hyundai today with The Scrappers

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