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Scrap My Ford Focus Bolton

Scrap accident damaged Ford Kuga Bolton

CAN’T afford to keep your Ford going?

A scrap Ford car in Bolton

If your questions is: Where is there a Ford scrap yard in Bolton? The answer is The Scrappers!

Does it seem like your Fiesta is ready for a permanent siesta?

Is your Focus more unfocussed these days?

Has your Puma lost its sprint?

Or is your Kuga is acting like a bugger?

Maybe your Mondeo is a non-deo.

What ever the reason, if it’s time to scrap a Ford Bolton way – contact The Scrappers.

You might be thinking, “scrap my Ford Fiesta Bolton today”, then get in touch.

Or you could be wondering, “how much will I get if I scrap my Ford Focus Bolton?”, give us a call.


What if you’re thinking, “where can I scrap my Ford Puma?”, then contact is.

Or if you’re wondering, “where can I scrap my Ford Kuga near me?” then contact The Scrappers.

So if you’ve decided, “scrap my Ford Mondeo Bolton today” then call 01204 388488.

The Scrappers will buy any scrap Ford going, in any condition.

You may have had a prang and now you’ve got to scrap an accident damaged Ford Kuga Bolton way today. That’s not a problem as The Scrappers take all accident damaged vehicles too.

We are a late model breakers yard which means we help millions of people back on the road with quality used car parts.

Recycling has always been at the heart of what we do, so if you want to scrap a car with The Scrappers, reach out today.


Because we are an ATF, we take the whole process of scrapping a car seriously. We ensure every part of a scrap car or van that is still salvageable is saved. After all, why buy new when you can buy nearly new.

Only authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) like us will make sure that every stage of a vehicle being scrapped is done according to guidelines.

So when you scrap a Ford Bolton way with The Scrappers, your car will be dealt with environmentally safely.

As little as possible goes to waste, in fact barely anything. Parts that can be reused are, and then the rest is shredded and taken off to a recycling plant. It could be turned into a bling ring, a key, a coat hanger – who knows!


So why not do your part and scrap your vehicle with The Scrappers today.

Contact us on 01204 388488. 

Or if you have a Ford that you wish to sell instead of scrap, why not contact our sister company?

Just click here and find out how much a Ford you sell today is worth.

You will get a quote in seconds.