Scrap My Dacia Duster Manchester

Scrap Accident Damaged Dacia

DO you need scrap a Dacia?

Then happy Dacia – you’ve come to the right place!

We buy all models of Dacia cars.  

So if you are thinking, “where can I scrap accident damaged Dacia?” then why not contact us.

You may have a Dacia Duster which has bitten the dust – then scrap it with The Scrappers. You might be thinking, “where can I scrap my Dacia Duster?”, then contact us! 


Or you might have a Dacia Sandero going from nought to zero ‘cos it’s seen better days.

You might have a Sandero Stepway which you want to step away from.

Whatever the case, if you Dacia has seen better days then get in touch with us. The Scrappers break all Dacia cars, no matter what condition. 

The Scrappers want to hear from anyone who wants to scrap a Dacia Bolton way our beyond.  

We pay over the odds for scrap Dacia Bolton way and we pay over the odds for scrap Dacia Manchester way.

We are also a used Dacia parts store, as we recycle as many components of a scrap Dacia as possible.


So if you’ve woken up and you’re thinking, “scrap my MOT failure Dacia Duster” give us a shout.

You might be thinking, “scrap my Dacia Duster Bolton”, then call us. Or you could be thinking, “scrap my Dacia Duster Manchester”, then get in touch.

If you prefer the old dog and bone method then why not dial 01204 388488. It’s option 1 for Dacia parts and option 2 to scrap a Dacia.


Obviously we take any make or model of car but today we just wanted to show a bit of Dacia love.

So if your Dacia is no longer racier because it’s clapped out, then give The Scrappers a shout. 

You can get a quote in seconds online, just fill out a few key details.

Or if you’re looking for Dacia parts online why not use out used parts check-o-meter right HERE.


Alternatively, you may have a Dacia that you want to sell. It’s runs well but you need a quick sale. Then instead visit our friendly sister site Any Car Bought For Cash.

The team will pay the best prices if you have decided to sell a Dacia Bolton way or beyond.

So go ahead – make our Dacia and scrap your vehicle with The Scrappers!

Contact Bolton’s friendly car vehicle scrap and recycling plant The Scrappers on 01204 388488.