Scrap my car – what you need to know

If you are searching online using the term ‘Scrap my car’ and you would like to know more about why you need to use approved scrap yards for this purpose, then read on.

Here at The Scrappers, we are proud to be an authorised treatment facility which means we are licensed and authorised for scrapping vehicles by the Environment Agency.

This means that we are monitored for our overall competence and safety when recycling vehicles that enter our scrapyard.

We have got more than 25 years of experience in recycling vehicles and selling spare parts to customers in the UK and around the world and are professionals in our field.

Where to scrap my car
Finding a good scrapyard using the term ‘Where to scrap my car’ means The Scrappers will be able to help.

Searching for a car scrap yard near me

So, if you’re searching for a car scrap yard near me and then not using an authorised treatment facility, you need to be aware of one or two issues.

Firstly, these unauthorised facilities are not being monitored by the Environment Agency and may not be legally disposing of your vehicle in a safe way and may be causing damage to the environment when they do so.

However, more importantly, an unlicensed scrap yard will not be able to give you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you’ve legally disposed of your car. Without this certificate, you’ll still be held responsible for your vehicle.

It’s really important that the scrap yard where you take your vehicle removes harmful oils from it and disposes of them safely and correctly and then removes the metals and plastics for recycling.

When it comes to our environment, every little helps!

Scrap car collection

Which brings us to the issue of scrap car collection and here at The Scrappers, we can organise a pickup of your scrap car or van wherever you are in the UK. We also pay cash when we take the vehicle.

Not every scrap yard can offer this service and we have built up an excellent network of agents around the country to work on our behalf and pay the best prices while doing so.

Finally, it’s also really important that you don’t just dump your unwanted vehicle by the roadside or on a grass verge because this is not only dangerous for our environment but also to other road users and even children who may decide to play in your unwanted vehicle.

While you may believe it’s not worth the time or trouble or even getting paid to have someone remove your vehicle, we urge you to get in touch with The Scrappers and we will take the vehicle off your hands.

If you would like to know more about the term ‘scrap my car’ and what it means to do it safely and in an environmentally-friendly way, then you need to contact The Scrappers.