Scrap My Car Today

What's It All About?

Having a good think about life..

EVER ask yourself; “What’s it all about? What is the meaning life?”

We might be sounding a bit philosophical here, but just because we’re a scrapyard doesn’t mean our thinking won’t take us to profound depths.

If, like us, you’ve been questioning life more in lockdown, take heart as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve got a roadmap ahead of us for the lifting of lockdown and it’ll soon be Spring. 

There is already a lot to be grateful for too; lighter mornings, flowers blossoming and the birds are chirping. Better still, the nation’s favourite salvage yard The Scrappers are here for your car parts and scrap vehicle needs! 

We believe the meaning of life is to make the planet a better place than when you first arrived on it. And for us that means being as green as we possibly can. 

That’s why our plant in Bolton, in the North West of England works tirelessly to recycle and reuse as much as humanly possible when it comes to scrapping a car or a van.

We want to help you to help us reduce our carbon footprint to practically nothing. 

To meet those requirements we had to jump through stringent regulatory hoops to get our Authorised Treatment Facility accreditation (ATF). We are also recognised as a WAMITAB plant too. Yes, we are officially acknowledged by the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board –  put that in your exhaust pipe and smoke it!

So if you’ve decided your meaning of life is to “scrap my car today” then why not make the rational choice and go with The Scrappers. You may be wondering, “but where could I possibly scrap my car today – it’s the middle of the afternoon?”.

Please don’t spend a second more in your unsettled state of mind. Find out the value of your scrap car instantly using The Scrappers vehicle valuator online. We can usually collect your car on the same day especially if you want to scrap a car Bolton way.


Punch in a few key details, like your car or van’s registration, if your vehicle has alloys, whether the engine runs, your postcode and you’ll get a quote in seconds.

The Scrappers will give you the true value of your car, not the scrap value. That’s why The Scrappers are renowned for paying the best price for a scrap car.

You might be wondering, “how come The Scrappers pay the best price for a scrap car?”

It’s because we recycle car parts and use them in other cars. That means we help keep motorists on the road for less, saving money and the planet. How’s that for smart thinking!

So, if you want the best price for a scrap car, then you know what to do – use your logic and call The Scrappers!

You might be based in Bolton, home of our HQ, and be thinking “I need to scrap a car Bolton area”, we can be there in a matter of hours. 

In fact, we can usually collect a car within a 50 mile radius on the same day. So don’t let distance put you off. We don’t just scrap a car Bolton way, we go out much further than that. 

So why not with the greenest, friendliest and the most thoughtful scrap yard in Britain – The Scrappers!

It makes sense all round. Call 01204388488.