Scrap My Car Knutsford

The world has gone nuts for scrap metal!
Now’s the time to scrap a car in Knutsford and earn mega bucks!

Cash in while there is demand and sell your old or damaged car to The Scrappers.
We’ll pay you top whack for your motor, no matter how clapped out it is.
Pick up is free, we don’t dock your cash-for-car pay-out.
And you can get shut within hours of making that call and telling us, ‘I want to scrap my car for cash in Knutsford’.
We’ll send one of our trusty team members round, all you need is proof of ownership.
You get paid on car collection, there’s no hanging about, no hidden costs or fees. If only everything in life was a straightforward!

Why not find out how much your scrap vehicle is worth by filling out our quick quote form online.
In just three easy steps you’ll know the amount of readies coming your way.
Don’t worry if your car is a grot-mobile either. We take any make or model in any state so you needn’t panic about its condition.
We’ll whip your car back to our main breakers yard in Bolton where the real magic then begins.
We strip it for parts that still work and can be recycled in other motors. The rest of your car is crushed up before it’s sent on its way to a big old melting pot.

Later down the line it re-emerges as something completely different, a potato masher for example or perhaps a component to a new vehicle. Who knows?!

That’s the great thing about the scrap metal industry.
By the way, The Scrappers also buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal in Knutsford, so if you have items you want to sell let us know.
Give us a ring on 01204 388 488.

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