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Panic at the fuel pumps, reports of an impending turkey, beer and toy shortage this Christmas.

Sometimes it feels like the world’s going mad.

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At least you can be sure of one thing; The Scrappers will always give you the best payout for your scrap vehicle. 

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If you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my car in a day?” happy Scrappers day to you.

The Scrappers are usually able to collect your vehicle on the same day you’ve decided you want it gone.

We offer a free no obligation quote and then it’s up to you. You can either sell your scrap vehicle for the highest amount today with us, or go elsewhere and do yourself out of pocket.

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So if you’re looking to, “scrap my car for highest amount today near me”, then give The Scrappers a shout.

At The Scrappers, we buy any car North West of England. So we operate all round the region.

Our HQ is based in Bolton, we have an enormous ATF (authorised treatment facility) which enables us to operate safely and as greenly as possible.

We’ve always stressed that recycling is at the heart of what we do. So when it comes to scrapping a vehicle with The Scrappers you are playing your part in the metal recycle chain.

In fact, you’re the key link in the chain. Without our wonderful loyal customers we couldn’t;t do what we do.

So why not call The Scrappers today and get a quote in seconds for your car. Alternatively go online and get a quick quote there!

Call 01204 388488 or hit us up on the World Wide Web. 

The Scrappers – crazy good prices for your scrap vehicles in a mad world! 

And if you’re looking to scrap a van, you can actually visit our sister site Scrap A Van. Focusing on vans and larger vehicles in particular, you’ll get a great return for your old van. Scrap you van today with Scrap A Van.