‘Scrap my car for cash’ – earn the most money

There are a number of issues to consider when you need to ‘scrap my car for cash’ and along with earning the best price, you need to be wary about not breaking the law.

That’s because the rules and regulations have changed in recent years and it’s no longer legal to accept cash when you scrap a vehicle in the UK.

Instead, you must be paid directly into your bank account by the scrapping firm or they may offer a business cheque instead.

This issue of earning the most money when scrapping your car is important because a firm may offer you slightly more for your unwanted vehicle without you realising that you are breaking the law when using them. However, there are other issues to consider as well.

Scrap my car today

The other problem when you want to ‘scrap my car today’, for example, will extend to those scrapping firms that are not an authorised treatment facility (ATF).

You should always use an ATF which means that its activities are recognised and monitored by the Environment Agency, so you will be reassured that your car is depolluted and much of it will be recycled.

With a scrapping firm that is not one of these facilities, you will still be held liable for what happens to your scrap car when it is handed over. This means, unfortunately, you may end up receiving speeding and/or parking tickets that you will then have to pay.

It really isn’t worth the hassle in dealing with those firms – so for peace of mind, you should contact The Scrappers who will ensure that you earn the best price and arrange for a free collection before your car is recycled.

Scrap cars wanted

Indeed, The Scrappers advertise for ‘scrap cars wanted’ because they are striving to meet growing demand for supplying quality used spare parts to their customers in the UK and also abroad.

It’s this demand that helps them offer the best prices when it comes to scrapping your car for cash and they are able to give you a certificate of destruction which is legal proof that you have disposed of your car properly.

Those scrapyards that are not authorised treatment facilities will not be able to give you this official certificate, though they may describe a piece of paper in other terms – it’s really not worth taking the risk.

Another sound reason for using The Scrappers is that their offering is for anyone in the country wanting to ‘scrap my car for cash’ for the best price so contact them because they can arrange for a free collection using a network of reputable and friendly agents. Call the team today on (01204) 388488.