Scrap My Car Bolton

Did you know that if a car is popular in Malaysia and selling really well competitors from other car companies can file a complaint leading to an imposed price hike?!

Authorities force car firms to increase the cost to keep the competition level meaning well-liked vehicles rocket in price!

Examples include the Passat CC which was given a price increase of around £6,000 from £50,000 to over £56,000. And the VW Polo GTI went from just under £29,000 to over £35,000! Phew!

Fortunately over here, the only time you’ll see an inflated price tag on a car is when you sell it for scrap with us.
That’s because the car scrap industry is at a peak and means The Scrappers pay top prices for your old car.
So if you’re thinking, ‘I want to scrap my car in Bolton’, we can offer you the biggest cash sums.
We are always buying end of life vehicles for cash and collecting for free.
So scrapping your car with us won’t cost you a penny, but could see you profit nicely with a chunky wad of cash to spend on your next motor.

If you’re looking for a decent second hand vehicle why not pop down to our sales yard?
We have a huge selection of used cars at down to earth prices; no Malaysian motor price rises here.

The same applies for all our used car parts too. We ensure they are cleaned and meticulously checked before we sell them on at a fair price to you.
We have thousands of used parts stored at our site, including engines, and if we don’t have it in stock we will hunt it down for you.
Whether you’re selling your car, looking for a used car or car parts, let The Scrappers help.
We’re always fair on price.