Scrap My Accident Damaged Range Rover Manchester

Best prices pair for MOT failure cars

THE Scrappers have one of the biggest car recycling and salvage yards in the north of the UK based in sunny Bolton.

We can cater to motorist’s scrap car needs for miles around.

As a general rule we take scrap cars from around a 50 miles radius. But, occasionally we do go out further afield too.

So if you want to scrap a car it’s always worth bearing The Scrappers in mind, no matter where you’re based.

And it’s really simple to get a quote for a scrap vehicle using our nifty online car value calculator. Or why not have a friendly chit-chat with a team member online.

It’s not just scrap cars we are after either, we buy scrap vans, scrap trucks, scrap motorbikes. We buy scrap taxis, scrap busses, the old boat even makes an appearance at the yard too!

If we can haul it in, we’ll take it!

The Scrappers are a name you can trust. Why do we say that, you may ask. 


Because we’ve been in the car breaking and salvage business for 30 years and we’re an ATF. Only authorised treatment facilities are scrap yards who dismantle vehicles following government regulations. We want to respect the planet and make the whole process of recycling a vehicle as green as possible.

And only ATFs can hand you a certificate of destruction, legal proof the scrapping of your vehicle has been carried out lawfully. 

That’s what The Scrappers pride themselves on. We follow a set process which starts with depolluting a vehicle before taking it to pieces. It would be a travesty to chuck components of a car that still work on the scrap heap. No way!

Instead we clean these parts up, check them and stockpile them for future use. That’s why The Scrappers are one of the leading used car parts specialists in the North West. 

And, we also sell quality used car parts online. We are regarded as a reliable used car parts online store. This means you can be based anywhere in the UK – and the world – and we can ship parts out to you.

The Scrappers are great exporters of cars and exports of car engines and exporters of general car parts. So why not contact us if you need a certain part tracking down.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to live in Bolton or down the road in Salford to benefit from The Scrappers. Let us help you no matter where you’re located. 


We can even sort you out if you want to sell a vehicle. As we also buy any car here at our sister site.

And if you’re after new tyres or part worn, just contact All Tyred Up, part of our car caring family too.

We take any kind of motor. To scrap an accident damaged car call us. For example, you may be looking to scrap my accident damaged Audi or sell my accident damaged Audi. 

Just contact The Scrappers. 

Perhaps you want to sell a BMW MOT failure.  You’re sitting there wondering, “how easy is it to sell my BMW MOT failure” You don’t need to wonder, you just need to contact us!

Perhaps you have an accident damaged Range Rover to sell. You are searching online, “sell my accident damaged Range Rover,”. Have no fear the Scrappers are here to buy your accident damaged Range Rover.  

So, to “scrap my Range Rover Bolton” – contact us.

Or to, “scrap my accident damaged Range Rover Manchester” – contact us.

To sell or scrap any car, give The Scrappers a try. Best prices pair for MOT failure cars. And they see to it that it’s best prices paid for 4x4s – always. Any condition accepted.

Call today on 01204 388488. You don’t have to be Bolton based to scrap your car with The Scrappers.