Scrap my accident damaged Discovery

Scrap my accident damaged Vivaro

Take-aways, wow, us Brits have got through some delivery grub over the past year.

Curries, Eastern Food, Fish & Chippy tea, Burgers and kebab have been staples for many of us and we try to cure our lockdown boredom.

With weeks until we can go and enjoy a sit down meal inside, it’s pretty likely that a lot of us will continue to rely on takeaway delivery drivers to bring hot food to our doors.

You might be a delivery driver reading this, maybe you’re even thinking about ditching you current delivery van and getting a better one.

If you want to want to scrap a delivery van or sell a delivery van, The Scrappers can help you out.

The Scrappers are always on the look out for any kind of delivery van and work van, or delivery car too.


The yard will take any car or van that’s been used for work purposes. Don’t worry about your vehicles condition. 

Vehicles used for work run up mileage faster than domestic vehicles, but don’t be put off.

Bolton based The Scrappers pay good prices for high mileage car and vans. 

Scrap your high mileage car in Bolton today or sell a high mileage car today. Just contact the Scrappers and you’ll get a quote in seconds.

Perhaps you’re searching online for ‘scrap my taxi Manchester” or “scrap my work van Manchester’ then you have fund the right place. 

The Scrappers want to hear from anybody who is a selling a vehicle they have used to work in.  

That’s because The Scrappers take high mileage vehicles. We also take accident damaged vehicles. So you might be thinking, “scrap my accident damaged Discovery” or scrap my Ford Transit van we will take it.  You might be thinking scrap my accident damaged Vivaro – if so, we’ll have it. 

Like the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. 

Old has-been scrap vehicles can be recycled and good parts can be reused. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a number one salvage yard in the North West. 


As an ATF, we dismantled and de-pollute vehicles according to tight restrictions to ensure everything is done without damaging the environment.

And The Scrappers pay top money for scrap cars and vans in the North West too. 

You can get a quote in seconds online or embrace the old fashioned way pick up the phone and call 01204 388488. 

The Scrappers – more buck for that old truck. Yep, we take trucks too!

In fact, we but any type of vehicle. Click here to find out more.

Why not do something amazing today and scrap your car with The Scrappers?!