Scrap metal and scrap metal prices

If you are asking ‘What is scrap metal?’, then it’s simply any product that contains metal which can be recycled after it has reached the end of its life.

However, not all scrap metal is the same and scrap prices fluctuate on a daily basis, so some types of metal will be worth more than other types on some days.

If you have lots of metal, then it could be worth quite a lot money and The Scrappers are interested in paying you for your scrap and if there’s a lot of it, we will also pick it up.

Scrap can originate from residential or commercial use and can be recycled into new materials.

There is no need to toss metal into a landfill site so if you’re a plumber with copper piping and brass fixtures or a construction firm with unwanted beams of steel, then you are literally throwing money away.

scrap metal
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Non-ferrous or ferrous metal

However, you need to know whether your scrap is non-ferrous or ferrous metal.

It’s a simple process to determine between the two and you simply need a magnet. Should the magnet stick to the metal, then it’s a ferrous metal because it contains iron.

Should the magnet not stick to the metal, then that’s a non-ferrous metal.

And when it comes to getting the best recycling scrap prices, then non-ferrous metals tend to be worth more since they do not contain iron.

If you are scrapping brass, copper, zinc, aluminium, tin, nickel, lead or magnesium you need to contact The Scrappers to get a price for this unwanted metal.

And while ferrous metals tend to be less valuable, metal recyclers are still keen to buy, so if you have metals such as iron and steel, then it’s worth something.

Get the best price for your scrap metal

When you need to get the best price for your scrap metal, you’ll need to be aware that it’s no longer possible to pay cash for scrap since it has been made illegal and you’ll need to be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

Along with earning a decent price for your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, you will also be helping the environment by saving energy in processing new metals and reducing the need for mining for them.

If you would like to know more about scrap metal prices and deal with a well-established scrap recycling firm with a great reputation, then you need to contact the friendly team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488.