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Scrap cars wanted

We want to buy your scrap car from you. It sounds daft doesn’t it but we really do. The Scrappers buy scrap cars everyday from people all over the UK. Why do we do it?

As one of the countries biggest depollution plants there’s a lot we can do with your old car, van or motor bike.

Firstly we’ll come straight out to you with a pick up and give you an immediate valuation based on the scrap metal content of your car.  As long as you’re happy we pay you immediately and remove the vehicle for you, and that’s not all we’ll do all the paperwork for you as well so no need to fill out a SORN or any other paperwork we remove not just the vehicle but the hassle to.

When we get the vehicle back to our depollution plant we harvest the metal content and if possible some of the working components to so we can re sell them on to people who need spare parts.

All this takes time and highly specialised equipment. Once it’s done we then get paid ourselves on the scrap value of the metal but it’s a tricky job requiring lots of skill and experience.

We have to dispose of your vehicle according to strict government guidelines which make the whole process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Because we operate this way means you can have peace of mind knowing you scrapped your car in the best way possible with the lowest impact on the environment.

To find out what your vehicle is worth simply fill in the form to the left or call 01204 388 488 and speak to us today.