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Scrap Cars For Export

For many years The Scrappers have been working with companies internationally to sell scrap cars for export. We have professional partners from all over the world, who depend on us to ensure that they get the stock they need, to get the people of their county, back on the road. Throughout the year, we look for certain makes and models, dependent on which exporter we have with us at that time, this means that I you have one of the vehicle that we need, you could be paid much more that what you thought originally for your scrap car.

Our work with exporters from around the world is extensive, and if you sell you scrap cars for export to us, it could end up back on the road in Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, China, Poland or Malta. This is only one of the ways which we ensure that each and every car that we buy is reused or recycled.

Sell Your Car For Export

It could be that we buy your scrap cars for parts, as we also send containers full of engines and gearboxes abroad. So although the rest of your car may be recycled, the engine and gearbox may be used on the roads in a foreign country.

We are always looking for quality scrap cars for export, and you can always get in touch to see what’s on that months export list. We pay the best prices around, especially when we use your car for export, and all you have to do is give the team a call on 01204 388 488, or fill in the online form to scrap your car today.

If you would like to enquire about becoming an export agent please complete this form  and one of our team members will contact you shortly.


scrap cars for export
Scrap cars for export
scrap cars for export